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Any action hero will love a massive, robust and sleek Rolex Replica watch. A Rolex Replica watch is the perfect tool for the protagonist, given the amount of violence and combat he will face.

The brand was launched in 1993 with little success. It began as a waterproof diving instrument for the Italian Navy, during World War II. Sylvester Stallone bought a Luminor on the spot in Rome, 1995. He wore the Luminor in his film Daylight and is now its biggest advocate.

Here are some action stars who wear Rolex Replica: We have listed some of the action stars that wear Rolex Replica.

Sylvester StalloneAs we have already mentioned, much of the success of the company is due to that fateful meeting with Sylvester Stallone at Rome. Stallone continued as a major actor in the action film scene and he often wore Rolex Replica watch - for example, in 1995's Daylight and 2008's Rambo IV,Rolex Replica Watches and 2013's The Expendables. It was this that led to its popularity among celebrities and in Hollywood.

Arnold SchwarzeneggerArnold is one of the very first people to wear Rolex Replica, and the history between the two is closely linked. Schwarzenegger's life was heavily influenced by Stallone. Stallone gifted Schwarzenegger a limited edition version of the watch he had commissioned. This caught the attention and interest of watch lovers worldwide.

His favorite watch is his Rolex Replica Luminor.Omega Aqua Terra Replica Watches It has a stainless-steel case with a genuine black leather strap embossed with croco.

Dwayne "The rock" Johnson

Dwayne, or The Rock, Johnson has made a successful transition from professional wrestler into an action star. He started with supporting roles and got his first lead role in The Scorpion King (2002).

He still plays a major role in the Fast and the Furious series, and produces films and TV shows through his production company.

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